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Optimize your marketing budget planning and achieve your marketing goals more efficiently with Louyie.

Budgetplanung Dashboard

Marketing budget planning made easy!

Louyie is the marketing planning software for smart marketing planning and cost control, enabling marketeers to make better decisions.

Here's how it works:


Plan your budget with Louyie using templates and smart automations.


Louyie automatically compares your planned to actual costs, generates KPI reports and highlights bottlenecks.


Louyie helps you to optimize your marketing budget planning and wisely invest your marketing budget.

Your advantages

Faster Decisions

Easily monitor and quickly adjust your marketing. KPIs and visual dashboards allow for the direct comparison of planned versus actual costs, so you can take immediate action when needed.

Advanced transparency

Everything at a glance thanks to automatic dashboards and reporting

Predefined templates and reports speed up the monitoring of your marketing expenses. With Louyie, you are always well informed about the current status of your expenses.

Team collaboration

With Louyie, you can involve as many employees as you wish in budget planning and cost control. Everyone can contribute to efficient marketing planning and controlling.

Save valuable time

Customizable templates help you save valuable time in budget planning. Previous year’s plans can be easily used as a basis for new budget planning.

Budgetplanung Dashboard
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What our customers say


“Especially in marketing, it is important to have an overview of all costs at all times. Louyie shows us daily where we stand and how much we can still invest to achieve our marketing goals.”

Christian Prüfer,


Louyie helps you to plan your marketing budget efficiently

Budget planning

Optimized budget planning for quick and easy allocation of your marketing budget to selected marketing channels.

Dashboards and reporting

Smart dashboards for an up-to-date overview of your budget and expenses.

Cost monitoring

Cost controlling of your marketing campaigns with automatic reconciliation of the defined budget.

PDF import

Automatically import costs from PDF invoices. Upload PDF documents and Louyie will automatically transfer the costs from the file to your expense overview.

Automatic warnings

Automatic warnings in case of budget overruns.

Excel alternative

Professionalize your marketing budget planning! Benefit from intelligent automations and helpful features instead of relying on old-fashioned spreadsheets.

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